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HDC Hair Transplant Centre offers transparent and competitive prices for all Hair Transplant Techniques.

Our price list shows analytically the exact Hair Transplant cost for each technique. This is quoted as price per graft in both Euro and UK currency.

By referring to our Hair Transplant Results section you can identify your Hair Loss pattern, check how many grafts were needed for that patient’s hair restoration and calculate an approximate cost for your case.

Before estimating the exact number of grafts needed for your hair transplantation, please fill up our Online Consultation Form by clicking here, in order to evaluate your case online.

For overseas patients, prices include free accomodation and airport transfers. 

For Repair Surgery, an online or sometimes a face to face consultation is needed in order to assess each case differently. Usually, a daily repair surgery fee is quoted according to the needs of the specific patient. A repair surgery may last anything between 8 - 15 hours.

Before estimating the exact number of grafts needed for normal procedures, a careful examination and consultation must take place either in person or Online by clicking here, in order to ascertain your exact needs.

For hair loss treatments prices are quoted according to the individuals requirements. For more information regarding prices for hair loss treatments, please complete our Free Hair Loss Advice form.


Hair Transplant Scheduling Deposit

An advance deposit of EURO 2.000 is required in order to schedule a date for your hair transplant procedure. This payment will be credited towards the total balance due.

Our refund policy for the initial deposit requires a minimum 19 day cancellation notice. The amount deposited is fully refundable (minus bank charges) if the notice is given at least 19 days prior the scheduled hair transplant procedure.

The deposit is non-refundable if the cancellation notice given is less than 19 days prior the scheduled hair transplant day.The non-refundable amounts could be transferred to a rescheduled hair transplant date.

Balance Payment

50% of the total hair transplant cost must be paid 7 days prior to the procedure and the remaining amount to be settled on the day of your hair transplantation. The final payment must be settled either in cash or credit card. If the preferred method of payment of the final balance is by bank transfer then this amount must be transferred 7 days prior the procedure allowing enough time for the funds to clear.

For payments, we accept cash and bank transfers as well as all major credit cards. Personal Cheques and Banker's Draft are not accepted.

If you have any questions regarding hair transplantation cost or payments, please do not hesitate to call us at (+357) 22 346161 or at the UK Free phone number 0808-2347929 and ask for one of our international hair transplant patient coordinators or send us an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.