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The primary goal of every Hair Transplant patient is to obtain a good natural result. This can almost always be achieved when you make the correct choice of a hair transplant Clinic or doctor, provided that you have realistic expectations...

One of the concerns of the Hair Transplant Industry is patient swelling and donor healing. HDC Hair Transplant Clinic has tried many techniques in order to reduce forehead and eyes swelling especially after a hair transplantation on the hairline.

The Hair Transplantation industry, many times comes across young patients, who are highly interested to proceed with Hair Transplantation. In general a young patient is identified as any individual under 25 years old. Care must be taken in contacting these cases. Young patients must know that while they transplant hair on the bαld or thinning areas...

Most hair transplant patients undergo their surgery at a Clinic that is not near their permanent residence. This means that they cannot visit the clinic every day after surgery for post op care. Many ask how many days after my Hair Transplantation should I be available for post operation care. HDC Hair Clinic recommends that 3-4 days are sufficient and also very important for the following reasons...

Everyone admits that hair transplantation is the single most successful way of tackling hair loss, for several reasons. First of all, it constitutes a permanent, enduring solution to the problem. Second, nowadays, it has evolved into a quite easy and simple procedure. Last but not least, its outcome is natural and most appealing.

It has always been a hot topic of how and who is performing the FUE procedure. At HDC, we believe that teamwork can produce better results than any individual alone, doing the job. FUE is a quite complex surgery and it needs a lot of time, care and precision to end up with the perfect outcome...

Hair transplant procedures have been around for decades, but in the early days, they were not very natural looking. In fact, many felt that going bald or shaving their head was a better option than the hair replacement options that were once available. Fortunately, things are different now, and there are better options readily available for those with thinning hair. Patients will generally undergo one of two different types of hair transplant procedures available today...

This question is asked frequently from hair transplant patients. There are a few ways to answer this question but there are even fewer correct answers that would indeed safeguard the interests of the patient. It needs to be understood that hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery and no guarantees can be given to the patient that the result will be to his liking.....

For most of us, cost is likely to be a contributing factor when choosing a hair transplant clinic, but you must be sure that it is not the only factor. While affordable hair transplant procedures are possible, you will need to take extra precaution to ensure that the provider you choose are qualified and able to meet your needs as will, probably do, higher priced clinics....

In recent years, male grooming has evolved to a booming sector of modern industry and has empowered men to seek solutions to improve their appearance. With everyone having access to the internet, men can easily research what contemporary aesthetic medicine can offer. This is also facilitated by the factor that a man looking after himself and wanting to age gracefully is no longer a taboo, as the beauty industry is no longer a privilege for females...

HDC Hair Clinic has been offering successful hair restoration for over 10 years. It is based in Nicosia, with consultation centers in Limassol, Larnaca and offices in London, and Valencia, Spain. Due to its international recognition, the clinic, also gathers patients from all over the world and especially from Italy, Greece, Israel, Romania, UAE, Ireland and the UK....

Hair transplant techniques continue to evolve and have become more innovative with the objective of exploiting full donor capability to achieve maximum coverage, with minimal to zero visible scarring in the donor or recipient areas. Many patients today are well educated through the abundance of information available on the World Wide Web and request techniques that yield the most natural results with minimal scarring.

We have create an Infographic to represent valuable data from International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. The infographic is answering a lot of questions regarding hair transplant and hair loss in general. Have a look it and share with your friends.

What to Do (and What Not to Do!)

Every person that has gone through a hair transplant procedure will know and can vouch that is a simple surgery in the hands of clinics that can master these techniques and have plenty advice for newbies. You researched and researched; you weighted your options and finally had that long-awaited hair transplant.

Hair transplant is a permanent method of hair restoration using your existing hair. The growth is permanent as donor hair taken from the back of the scalp, has a lifetime permanency in contrast to the hair on top of the scalp, which is lost due to genetic makeup. The transplanted hair starts following its normal growth cycle approximately three months after the procedure.

Hair is made from a protein known as keratin. The hair shaft is made up of three layers, known as the cuticle, the cortex and the medulla. The outer layer is the cuticle which is composed of overlapping cells which are like fish scales. The cortex comprises the hair’s main bulk and colour cells. The medulla is the inner layer and is a thin core of transparent cells and air spaces.

A prospective patient, who starts researching hair transplants and consults a hair restoration specialist, will already have a set of reasons for seeking hair restoration. The majority of patients tend to be men and they are usually looking to improve their overall appearance. It is probably in both the patient's and the physician’s interest to clarify those expectations right from the start and then discuss the available surgical options. A patient's reasons for seeking hair restoration contribute to shaping his expectations.

(1) Hair Myth - Washing hair daily makes the hair fall out more

It most certainly does not. We all loose hair daily and it is normally replaced. Sometimes when we are loosing more hair than usual due to some metabolic reason we are scared to shampoo because of the amount we see coming out. Shampooing will loosen the hair that are already in their telogen (final) stage and ready to come out. 

In the last few years, numerous favourite male celebrities have been providing exciting material for the press either for tabloids, gossip rags or even the Financial Times. It appears that celebrity hair transplants generate more interest and web hits than any sordid extra marital affair, cocaine addiction or wearing women’s lingerie has done in the past.

The recent coverage in media of celebrities having hair transplants to regain what nature so viciously took away has surprised almost everyone. A famous person already has an elevated status that to us commoners may seem that they could achieve and sustain without the trimmings. What we neglect to consider is whether a successful person either in the entertainment industry, business or even politics can retain their status if they were bald.

Androgenetic alopecia is the medical term for the type of hair loss that leads to common baldness. It is also known as male pattern hair loss. The main reason for this type of hair loss is genetic factors that cause certain hair follicles to become over sensitive to the male hormone called dihydrotestosterone. Genes will determine when the hair loss will begin, how quickly it will progress and the extent of hair loss that will occur.

Post partum alopecia is the medical term that is used for hair loss suffered by many women after giving birth. It can be extremely distressing and frightening, leading many women to believe that they are actually going bald as they see hairs clog up the sink and brushes on a daily basis. The good news is that this type of hair loss is temporary and as the hairs fall, new hairs will start to grow in their place.


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