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Does the procedure hurt?

Like any other surgical procedure, patients are administered local anesthetics and other medications before the procedure which eliminate any potential discomfort. We also supply patients with medication to use after the procedure, if and when needed.

For how long does transplanted hair last?

Virtually all transplanted hair lasts a lifetime. Hair that would be lost anyway from the donor area will behave the same when transplanted in the recipient area. So in some cases, a small percentage of this transplanted hair may be lost as the patient ages. This is a natural phenomenon and does not have to do with a weakness in the method, but is a natural phenomenon of aging.

Will I need more than one procedure to restore my hair?

The number of procedures necessary to achieve a personally desired goal varies from person to person and the individual degree of hair loss. For higher stages of hair loss a second procedure may be a good option. The first procedure will be performed in such a way so that the patient could decide not to proceed in a second procedure and still have natural results if agreed that way from the beginning. Sometimes a two or even three stage procedure is planned in order to cover the more extensive baldness. In any case the possibility of one or more procedures will be discussed in detail before proceeding with your first hair transplantation.

Does transplantation cause scarring?

Whenever human skin is cut, it always heals by the process called "fibrosis." That means that there is always some scarring. The issue is how visible will this scarring be. At HDC, hair transplantation procedures are designed to produce a very natural look with no visible scarring whatsoever in the area where the hair will be placed. The issue of scarring only comes up for the donor area and HDC has a reputation of leaving the donor with undetectable scarring. You can see more information about scaring and possible depletion of the donor on this Article about Avoiding Scaring. Also you can see a discussion about on this link on Avoiding FUE Overharvesting.

Will it look natural?

Yes, your transplanted hair will look as natural as a natural hairline. At HDC one of our most valued advantages is our natural looking Hair Transplants. These results are achieved by the competence and expertise of our medical staff. We only plant singe hair to the hairline and in a nor straight line so that even to the most trained eye the hairline will look absolutely natural. Visit our Photo Gallery and see our excellent results for yourselves.

What is the difference between FUE and STRIP techniques?

The most important difference of the STRIP and FUE procedure is the method used for extracting the Follicular Units. Within the FUE process, a specialized punch with less than 1mm diameter is used to extract the Follicular Units from the scalp. This gives us the advantage of extracting single Follicular Units rather than larger groups as in the STRIP method. It is considered to be a non-invasive method of hair restoration, which deters the utilization of scalpel or stitching. The Strip technique is now considered as old fashioned and we offer it only in very special cases. We believe that FUE can give more grafts from a specific donor without invading the anatomy of our scalp. Refer to our FUE and Strip Sections for better understanding of the two methods.

Why is HDC different from other Hair Restoration clinics?

Our Results are among the best in the sector and we are not shy about showing you our large portfolio of Successful Patients. Our Surgical Staff has the correct experience for many years of producing state of the art Results. We work As A Team that gives us more strength on having sustainable high quality work We also have a real Guarantee Policy as we are sure about our work. HDC was the first Clinic in Europe that offered FUE successfully since 2003 until now.

Furthermore, HDC is a purpose built hair restoration center that has been specifFAQically designed to have your comfort and convenience in mind and is exceptionally well equipped.
For more information on our benefits, visit our Why HDC Page.

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