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FUE Hair Transplant Post Operation Care: Important or Not?

Most hair transplant patients undergo their surgery at a Clinic that is not near their permanent residence. This means that they cannot visit the clinic every day after surgery for post op care. Many ask how many days after my Hair Transplantation should I be available for post operation care. HDC Hair Clinic recommends that 3-4 days are sufficient and also very important for the following reasons:

1. The next morning the patient should be examined to make sure that, all the grafts are in place, the patients feels ok and then apply the special cream for faster and better healing of the donor. See how the patient looks before, post op and the next morning after the first check up.



 Immediately Post Op


   After the 1st Check Up


2. The second day is important as the patient undergoes the first post operation wash of the recipient and donor areas. This wash must be performed by the clinic so  any unnecessary scabbing or other residue is cleaned and  to explain to the patient how the washing should be done. HDC performs one wash in the morning and sometimes one in the afternoon on the second day. See in the photos below after each day how the recipient and donor appear on this specific patient that we obtained photos for the article.


 2nd Day Post Op


3. The 3rd day is important as the patient will undergo two additional washes of the recipient and donor plus the application of the special cream for faster and better healing of the donor. By this 3rd day, possible swelling is already starting and patients are always worried about their swelling and need reassurance that this is normal and will soon go away.


 3rd Day Post Op


4. The 4th day, adds two additional  washings giving a total of six washings, which enables the recipient area to be cleaned of scabs and residue and be sure that healing is normal 72 hours after the operation. The donor area is treated with cream as the previous days and starts looking much better. The swelling may still be there and the patient is informed of its possible duration and when it is expected to disappear.


 4th Day Post Op


5. The 5th day, is optional for the patient to stay but it is recommended as this is the day that the two additional washings will almost clear scabs and residue, leaving the recipient area almost clear, the donor area will start to look normal and with minor redness, the swelling will start to lessen or be minor and the patient will start to feel ready to go home and look quite normal to his friends and family.  Below we illustrate the 5th – 7th day post op for better information.


 5th Day Post Op


 6th Day Post Op


 7th Day Post Op


6. The correct post operation care safeguards the good result as mistakes can be made by the patient in the most vital first 72 hours. The transplanted grafts settle by that time and the chance of possible harm tends to be minimal.

Hair Transplantation is a lifetime decision and you have to make sure that you perform it correctly and you deserve to give one week of your life to have hair for the rest of it. 1-2 operation days and 4-5 post operation days, makes up this week. Study the illustrating 7 days post development of donor and recipient area above provided by HDC and realize why we recommend to make yourself available.

At HDC, we offer to all our patients the post operation care included in the cost and additionally we offer optional accommodation in our premises to our overseas patients so that we ensure that they are taken care of.

Give time to yourselves and have a successful hair transplantation!

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