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HDC Medical Trichology Centre is an established hair transplant centre with worldwide recognition. It has been accredited by the following European industry bodies:

1.Member of FUE Europe Society (FUE Europe)

2.The Cyprus Health Service Promotion Board (CYHealthServices)

3. Dr Kyriakos Maras, the Medical Director of HDC, is recommended by the International Hair Transplant Network and you can see the recommendation, patient results and reviews >>by clicking here

4. Ranked as Number 4th out of the 10 best clinics based on results assessment by Hairsite.com



Participation and presentation of studies in scientific events

  • HDC Hair Clinic was present in the 1st FUE Europe Meeting held in Manchester on 5-8 June 2019. In this meeting, all latest developments of FUE Hair Transplantation were presented. This was an only FUE conference without discussing about Strip, flaps or any other older technique that are only used by non-progressive clinics. HDC, is now using all these latest techniques and equipment available in FUE industry.