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HDC Hair Clinic is an International Clinic based in Nicosia Cyprus. About 80% of our patients come from Abroad. This is the reason why we developed a friendly and easy process for those patients.

HDC had two options. To either establish Surgical Clinics in overseas countries or establish consultation centers and keep the main Clinic within the country. We have chosen the 2nd option as we believe that this way we can maintain quality and State of the Art Results for each and every patient we accept to operate. We believe that if we have chosen the first option then the results would vary from country to country and the top quality may have not been maintained.

So, we are offering our patients coming from abroad, exceptional services in order to make it easy for them to travel, as follows:

• We are helping our patients to find and buy their flight to Cyprus, to Larnaca airport. Many times if they are coming from near countries we even buy and pay for their flights.
• We provide free luxury accommodation in our luxury Clinic Apartments which are situated just opposite the Clinic. The apartments provide among other comforts, free internet and satellite TV.
• We arrange our Taxi Driver to wait for our patients with a name tag in the airport, so as to welcome them and drive them for free to their apartment and even open for them and show some basic functions of the apartment.
• The same Taxi driver will drive them back for free to the airport on the day of their departure.
• HDC is situated in only 10 min walk from Nicosia Historic Centre. So during recovery stage, you and your spouse can visit the town for shopping or sightseeing.
• With the proximity of less than 5 min walk there are 24 hour kiosks and take away food as well as nice restaurants that you can visit during the nights of your stay.
• Since you are staying just across the road, we provide daily post operation care which we believe contributes greatly to your good Hair transplant Result.
• In general you are taken care of, during the whole duration of your stay and it is even better that just visiting a clinic in another city in your Country.

 You can See a video with the experience of an HDC patient arriving at the airport and going to our clinic's accommodation



living room

The living room of our two bedroom clinic apartment.

Having a hair transplant, is a once in a lifetime decision and HDC wants to ensure you make the right one. Quality and not proximity should be your top priority.

We pride ourselves in our customer care and confidentiality and you can rest assured that from your initial contact to the aftercare you will be dealt professionally and with the utmost care.