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Make your shaven head, looks hairy

Hair loss has been a problem since the old days. In our today’s society, we are living the technological revolution and our image maters more than ever. Instagram, Facebook and other social media can sometimes dominate our lives.

Many hair loss sufferers seek for various solutions like hair loss treatments, hair restoration by hair systems or Hair Transplantation. Other just shave their head and are done with it.

Well, today there is a solution even for this category. You can now make your shaven look to be hairy. This is achieved with the new non-surgical method called Scalp Trichopigmentation (STP)

When we shave or cut our hair down to zero or one, the roots of our hair cover our head appearing as dots. But what happens if there is no hair in front, top or Crown. Well there no dots there.

Trichopigmentation adds pigments or dots in the areas without them to make the whole head look the same. So, our shaven look can now appear as if we are not bald.

Great trick but it works like a miracle.

The traditional Scalp Trichopigmentation methods can achieve this but with some problems or risks. The pigments may not look so natural and the dots may spread over time and can also lose their black or dark colour and become blue.

The new technique of STP does not have any of these problems. Due to its advanced pigments it does not spread and does not change colour. It is not permanent so if you want to get rid of it, it will fade away in one to two years. Also, your needs change over time so you can adjust it the way you want every year since you will need to maintain it anyway, if you like it.

This is a simple technique, it takes only 3 hours to be finished and the results are achieved in the same day.

Same technique can be used for density enhancement in thin hair and in low density Hair Transplants.

You can see results of Before & After Scalp Trichopigmentation below:

Example 1:STP SET 2



Example 2:


Example 3:


Example 4:


Treatment Cost: The treatment costs €600 to €1000 based on the areas to be treated.

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