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This is an all-natural non-surgical therapeutic option for patients who suffer from hair loss or thinning.

 iPRF can enhance the growth of hair follicles by stimulating the stem cells and other cells in the microenvironment of the hair follicle.We take the blood from the patient with the help of the PRF Processor and we isolate from the patient's own plasma, the enriched platelets Fibrin and Stem cells. We then inject this super blood in the area that we want to treat. These special Platelet cells promote healing and accelerates the rate and degree of tissue regeneration, resulting in new hair growth and thickening of existing hair for both men and women. This is a simple procedure and it takes only 20 minutes to be completed.

A Treatment of 3 sessions is required. Cost per session is €175.

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You can watch the whole procedure in the video below:


This hair loss treatment offered by HDC can include additional ways of preventing hair loss like Finasteride and Minoxidil. The former can reduce DHT in our system thus preventing androgenetic alopecia in men and the latter to stimulate blood circulation on the hair roots for feeding our hair with the ingredients needed for growth suitable for both men and women.

What is i - PRF and how is it used?

Injectable platelet rich fibrin or (iPRF) is a technique that uses the patient’s own blood plasma, enriched with platelets, fibrin and stem cells.

The resulting product is then injected into areas with desired end results to activate accelerated healing and regeneration. As a result, the body’s own powerful regenerative properties are concentrated and focused on the area of concern to triggers innate biological mechanisms leading to natural skin rejuvenation and/or prevention of hair loss.

Is this the same as PRP? What is the difference between iPRF & PRP?

Both PRP (platelet rich plasma), and PRF (platelet rich fibrin) are platelet based growth factor treatments that are extracted using centrifuge. PRF is different from PRP in that there is no anticoagulant added during the spin, the avoidance of clotting is physiological and is achieved through negative charge of the collecting tube to mimic the conditions within our own blood vessels (their lining is negatively charged) that prevent fibrin from creating a clot within them, thus, obtaining a platelet rich injectable fibrin. Once PRF is injected in the tissue it transforms from liquid into a gel, provide a powerful regenerative matrix that releases platelets’ growth factors in a controlled slow manner that enhances tissue regeneration and hair growth in a better way than PRP.

In addition, the enrichment of platelets in these two products is not the same. In PRP, the platelets are enriched two to four times above the physiological concentrations available in blood and there are very few circulating blood stem cells. In contrast, PRF contains all the platelets with no elimination of the powerful regenerative matrix (fibrin) in addition to another very rich source of growth factors and tissue regeneration: the circulating blood stem cells.

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Why fibrin is important?

Fibrin functions as a matrix that traps the platelets and controls their release of growth factors “very slowly and continuously over a time period of more than one week”. Growth factors release rate into the target tissue is important for tissue receptors to respond over a prolonged period of time following treatment.  “It’s not the amount of growth factors that’s the most important, but it is released into the site.