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The process follows in four separate steps:

If you want to proceed with an FUE surgery at HDC Hair Clinic there are 4 basic steps you need to go through.

STEP 1 – Hair Transplant Consultation

During your initial Contact, one of our expert Hair Transplant Patient Coordinators will provide information regarding causes of hair loss, hair restoration options and a detailed comprehensive solution for your case. This information can be given in person in our Clinic or in one of our overseas Consultation Centers. Alternatively, it can be done by email, telephone, Skype, Teams, WhatsApp and any other modern communication media. For more information on step one, you can be guided by your Get Started section.


Personalized Hair transplant solutions offered in our Clinic and in all our Hair Consultation Centers at home and Abroad.

STEP 2 – Agreeing how to proceed

The agreement between the patient and the Clinic involves the following:

  • Donor area evaluation and how can be used for present and future procedures.
  • The calculation of the number of grafts to be transplanted.
  • The area to be covered shown on your photos taken by the Clinic.
  • Your medical history report to endure your safety.
  • The doctor responsible for your case and the cost of the procedure.

Other preparations include a required blood test and pre surgery photos.

STEP 3 - Procedure

The surgical transplantation of hair follicles is a routine, simple outpatient procedure. You will be welcomed by our Medical Team usually at 8.00am the day of your surgery. After signing the required consent form, you will meet the team and the physician responsible for your case. He will discuss again with you the details of your Hair Transplantation to reconfirm what was agreed and how to proceed.

A hairline design will be agreed with your doctor and then under local anesthetic punching and extraction process of your hair follicles will start. Punching is done by one of our two doctors and extraction by our trained technicians assigned to your case.

Then after a break, recipient sites will be opened by your responsible doctor and placing of the follicles by our trained placers.

You will have several breaks during the process and lunch will be provided. You should feel no pain apart from the administration of local anesthetic, and if you do feel any pain in any stage of your surgery you will ask our team to provide you with additional local anesthetic so that pain will go away. 



HDC Medical Team during the FUE Procedure.

 STEP 4 - Post Operation Care & Healing

After your procedure you will be given both verbally and in writing post-operative instructions by the medical staff that will additionally guide you through the various steps that need to be taken to safeguard the result of your hair transplantation procedure.

HDC is the only Hair Transplant Clinic that provides post operation care of up to one week for its patients. We apply a special cream to your donor every day for faster healing. We start washing your recipient area twice a day starting from the 2nd day of your procedure to clean the scabs and safeguard the result of your hair transplantation. We monitor closely your post operation journey, and we correct if something tends to go wrong. See in detail our post operation care in this Video.

You can resume normal activities the following days except for strenuous exercise, which should be avoided for two weeks following your procedure.