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The Strip Harvesting technique is a hair transplantation method that involves removing the follicular units from the donor area all together in one strip from the back area of the head and not one by one follicular unit, as in the case of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Then the two ends of the scalp where the strip has been removed are stitched together.

The harvested Strip of hair is then dissected with great care first to slivers and after to follicular units, under special microscopes to avoid the application of heat that may harm them. Each follicular unit contains one to four hairs, the average being 2.2 hair per follicular unit. Once separated, these follicular units are preserved in a special solution at the correct temperature waiting to be placed in the recipient area, which is the bald or thinning area on the scalp.

Sliver showing the follicular units

Sliver - showing the follicular units

Continuing the process, the surgeon first prepares recipient sites on the patient. The final step of the surgery is the follicular unit placement. The grafts are placed with due care and attention, one by one with forceps by our expert hair transplant technician, and not by any mechanical hair implanter or any other device.

 HDC expert Technicians separating the Strip hair 800x600            HDC expert technicians separating the Strip hair
Placing of Grafts with forceps Placing of Grafts with forceps
 Hair Restoration relies on both artistry and skill. Several key elements are necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.

The most important of these key elements are the following:

  • Proper Strip extraction and closing of the donor area
  • Correct follicular unit dissection
  • Correct graft hydration and storage
  • Recipient site creation using correct angulation, direction and pattern
  • Creation of a natural hairline design
  • Careful placement of grafts during the surgery with the proper technique to avoid their damage
  • Proper hair transplant post-surgery care

The strip Method is nowadays considered old fashioned as it is more invasive than FUE and it can leave a small linear scar on the area that the Strip is removed. It also involves more post operation pain and longer healing of the donor area.

HDC is offering Strip only to very special cases as we can have an equal or better result using the FUE Method. The FUE leaves no linear scarring and can give more grafts out of the donor area in additional sessions. The anatomy of the scalp is not affected with FUE and it is a more natural way of transplanting hair.