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HDC Medical Trichology Centre offers also non-medical Solutions to hair restoration. These non-medical hair replacement techniques are also known as hair prosthetics, hair systems, hair units, toupee and non-medical hair restoration solutions. They all refer to the use of a hair system. This is a product made of human hair, which is grafted to a man's or a woman's scalp. Today's hair replacement systems are a secure and convenient hair loss solution for those who do not opt for surgical hair restoration and/or for those who are extremely bald and they do not have enough donor to cover their balding areas.

HDC welcomes in Cyprus hair wearers from all over the world for servicing their hair units. We have 3 branches, Nicosia main branch, Limassol and Larnaca. For making an appointment just call 00 357 22 346161 or send an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Our Stylist while fitting a hair system on customer’s head.


HDC offers all types of hair unit attachments like peripheral bonding, full grafting, partial grafting, clips and tapes with many years of experience that goes back to 1990.Transdermal Hair Restoration THR™, offered by HDC is a unique non-surgical hair replacement technology utilizing specially designed non-surgical skin-grafts, a proprietary adherent, and a refined application protocol that results in a non-surgical hair restoration process which requires no daily maintenance by the recipient.



Our Stylist finishing up styling a non-surgical hair replacement system.


THR™ Grafts are a line of non-surgical skin-graft type hair replacements utilizing a proprietary blend of polymers to create an ultra-thin, hair bearing, gas-permeable membrane with minimum edge thickness of approximately .014 inches. This provides the recipient with an undetectable transition between his own scalp and the virtual scalp that contains the additional hair. When properly applied by a qualified, licensed technician, the graft membrane is not noticeable, even to probing fingers!

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