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HDC Hair Clinic documents its results by publishing them in independent Hair Transplant forums. You can see them in this section

Hair Transplant surgery is a permanent method of hair restoration using your existing hair. The growth is permanent; the look is natural as we are using our expertise to ensure adequate coverage and no damage to your donor.

HDC was the first Hair Transplant Clinic in Europe that offered successfully the FUE hair transplant technique since 2003. We are now still using the latest techniques in hair transplantation in a comfortable purposed build clinic.

The main concern of a hair loss sufferer is to have a great Hair Transplant Result. Well, Results is our most valued competitive advantage. To document them, HDC publishes at least one state of the art hair transplant result every month in independent hair transplant forums.

The published results for the whole of 2018 and up to September 2020 are listed below. Additionally, on >>this link you can see a small video with the summary of the twelve 2017 Results.

Click on the links for opening a new tab to view each result. 

Result of October 2020: NW2 for 2800 Grafts, Hairline Restoration

Result of September 2020: NW5 for 3200 Grafts, Hairline and Top

Result of August 2020: NW2 for 2100 Grafts, Hairline Result

Result of June 2020: NW4 for 3075 Grafts, Front & Behind

Result of February 2020: NW4 for 2900 Grafts, Frontal Area

Result of January 2020:  NW4 for 3000 Grafts, Hairline & Behind

Result of December 2019: NW5 for 2850 Grafts with low density

Result of November 2019: NW3, 3500 Grafts with correct hairline

Result of October 2019: NW2, 2200 Grafts 8 years after!

Result of September 2019: NW6 3227 Grafts as part 1 of two surgeries

Result of August 2019: NW3 for 2700 Grafts to match thinning top hair

Result of July 2019: NW3 for 2000 Grafts, Before & After 6 Years

Result of June 2019: NW3 for 3000 Grafts, Dense pack to front

Result of May 2019: NW5 for 3000 Grafts, Hairline & Top

Result of April 2019: NW3 for 2360 Grafts, Hairline & Temples         

Result of March 2019: NW3 for 3300 Grafts, Hairline & Behind

Result of February 2019: NW2, 2200 Grafts, Hairline 

Result of January 2019: NW4, 3300 Grafts, Frontal Areas

Result of December 2018: NW5, 4900 Grafts in two FUE sessions

2nd Result of November 2018: NW2, Dr Vryonidou, Temples Replacement with 2500 Grafts

Result of November 2018: Hairline and behind front bundle of hair 2900 Gr

Result of October 2018: NW3, 2100 Grafts, Hairline & around his hair

Result of September 2018: NW3, 3000 Grafts, Hairline & Top

Rusult of August, 2018: Adding volume to Norwood 3, 2850 Grafts

Result of July, 2018: Repair of Hairline with plugged look, 2000 Grafts

Result of June 2018:  NW 3V, 2400 Grafts, Hairline & Top

Result of May 2018: NW3, Dr Vryonidou 3000 Grafts, Hairline & Top

Result of April 2018: Norwood 3, Dr Vryonidou 3000 Grafts on SMP

Result of March 2018: Norwood 2, 2000 Grafts, Lowering of Hairline

Result of February 2018: Norwood 3, 3300 Grafts, Hairline & Top

Result of January 2018: Norwood 4, 3500 Grafts, Hairline & Top

Furthermore, we have an ideal set up for our patients that are Coming From Abroad. We can help arranging your flights, offer free accommodation at the clinic and courtesy airport transfers.

This is a once in a lifetime decision and HDC wants to ensure you make the right one. With HDC you can be sure that everything will go well and you can rest assured that from your initial contact to the aftercare, you will be dealt professionally and with the utmost care.

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