HDC Hair Clinic considers that this is a very important section for the visitors to this website to read. There are certain key elements that you should know about hair transplantation.

The most important factor and the basis of hair transplantation is that the transplanted hair can give you back the look but not the hair that you have lost. They give you the next best alternative in terms of coverage. When we lose our hair, we lose about 50% of our density before the light starts to reflect on our scalp so that it reveals our thinning look. The transplanted density tries to replace the density up to the level that the hair will block the light from reflecting on our scalp. It does not replace the original density that we had before starting to lose hair. This is one of the main reasons that our donor area can cover an up to equal surface area without looking thin.

Another important factor is that when we cover a certain thinning or balding area with a hair transplant, the hair loss of the non-transplanted hair will continue as normal. For Example our crown will not stop losing hair because we covered our hairline and top. There are certain hair loss treatments that can delay the process but not the hair transplantation of another area. So we should know that we may need additional Hair transplant session in the future and we need to prepare psychologically and economically.

Another factor is the capabilities of our donor and its correct management. You need to choose clinics or Doctors that will preserve your donor that will not waste grafts neither damage adjacent grafts during the FUE procedure, and leave healthy grafts for possible additional hair transplants that you may need as your baldness will evolve. Also ask if your donor from scalp and body, will be enough to cover your current baldness and the future one and with what density.

In the Article that follow, you can see in more detail factors like the ones mentioned above and better analysis of subjects that are more related to your case.

Step by step Guide to your Hair Loss Options