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El trasplante de cabello es un método permanente de restauración del cabello usando su propio pelo nativo existente. El crecimiento es permanente, la apariencia es natural ya que aplicamos toda nuestra experienca para asegurar una adecuada cobertura sin ningún daño a su zona donante.

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Repair Hair Transplants Surgeries

The primary goal of every Hair Transplant patient is to obtain a good natural result. This can almost always be achieved when you make the correct choice of a hair transplant Clinic or doctor, provided that you have realistic expectations.

Unfortunately, in our days there are so many average to bad clinics around, offering attractive advertising and very low prices. Patients should be careful which clinic to choose and they should decide based on the clinic’s past results and testimonials from real patients. The wrong choice can lead to a repair Hair Transplant Surgery.

We can divide the problems of a bad Hair Transplant into 3 main categories:

1. In sessions with the Strip Technique, patients can end up with big linear scar on their donor. In addition, you can end up with loss of donor strength below the scar due to high tension of closure and disturbing the normal direction of the follicular units in this area. This causes a future FUE surgery in this area to yield less grafts. In addition, you need additional FUE grafts to cover the big scar created.


Big Scar

Strip Unwanted Scar

In FUE sessions, a possible aggressive extraction of for say 5000 grafts causes the depletion of the donor area and the creation of white dots. In this subsequent FUE session is more difficult due to scarring and to less hair per follicular unit (FU). The final number of the total grafts that the donor can give is significantly reduced so that additional baldness can’t be covered.


Photo with depleted donor

depleted 2

Depleted Donor

2. The way that sites are created in the recipient area can be aggressive with bigger needles and deep sites creating scar tissue even ridging in some cases. This results that in an effort for adding additional grafts in this area from a repair surgery can have low percentage of growth due to the fact that the scar tissue does not allow sufficient blood stream to this follicular unit.

Ridging Photo blog

Scar Tissue - Ridging on the Hairline

3. The angulation of the placed grafts is wrong. This results in the effect that hair cannot be combed normally and most of the times you need to hide the hairline. Also low Density with bigger grafts looks unnatural. In a subsequent repair surgery, even if the hair is inserted to the correct angle, it is possible to transect the previous wrong angled grafts, resulting in shock loss.

Photo with wrong angle

Hairline with wrong angulation and low density

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic’s Medical Team with vast skill and experience is offering state of the art Hair Transplant Procedures and can offer successful Repair Surgery.

We approach every repair, case by case and we analyze the problems created in the recipient and donor. We explain to the patient, so he can understand the risks. Then we to take all the necessary steps to repair successfully.

For more information and a free online consultation, you can contact us through our email Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. or you can fill up our online form.

Porqué escoger HDC

100% Resultados satisfactorios

Tenemos resultados naturales exitosos y sostenibles obtenidos en los últimos años. Con HDC nada saldrá mal y su resultado siempre será natural y óptimo

100% Comodida para el paciente

HDC es una clínica construída expresamente para el trasplante de cabello que tiene al paciente como prioridad principal. Transporte gratuito desde el aeropuert ida y vuelta, alojamiento comfortable de lujo, cuidado post operativo especial y atención a todas las necesidades del paciente.

Mas de 10 años de experiencia

Nuestros especialistas han implantado más de 400.000 grafts, un número que sigue aumentado constantemente.



Estamos dedicados a recibir y atender cada paciente de manera individual, prestando atención a sus necesidades personales y sus objetivos y aspiraciones

Resultados Casos recientes de pacientes

El principal interés del paciente es el resultado de su trasplante de cabello, el cual permanecerá para el resto de su vida. Bueno, esta es nuestra ventaja competitiva más apreciada. Los resultados de trasplante capilar obtenidos por la clínica HDC están entre los mejores del sector. En nuestra web puede examinar 58 resultados documentados con fotos claras y comparables del antes y el después.


  • 2200 grafts for Crown Coverage
    2200 grafts for Crown Coverage

    I have been reading for a while various hair transplant forums and I realized that patients who post their case, help each other with disclosing information about various doctors / clinics and are also getting support from the other users. So here I am, sharing my experience. I also have the impression that if a patient will post his story from the beginning, doctors and clinics will be aware of it and they will try their best to deliver a good result, otherwise they can be exposed if the result is not good.

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  • FUE 2300 grafts on the Hairline
    FUE 2300 grafts on the Hairline

    Hey everyone, I have just finished a HT procedure with HDC. In total I had 2,300 grafts via FUE over 2 days.
    My whole experience was amazing with HDC. I got picked up at the airport and taken to an apartment, which is just across the road from the clinic. The bakery and supermarket are also just a short walk away. The following day I met Alex at the clinic for day 1 of my procedure. Let me tell you I was really nervous, but Alex and rest of the team made me feel very comfortable and calm.

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