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Avoiding swelling and Achieving fast donor Healing in FUE Hair Transplantation

One of the concerns of the Hair Transplant Industry is patient swelling and donor healing. HDC Hair Transplant Clinic has tried many techniques in order to reduce forehead and eyes swelling especially after a hair transplantation on the hairline.

Swelling usually starts on the forehead 24 hours after finishing the procedure and it lasts for 3-5 days. The swelling usually moves down from the forehead to the eyes and sometimes can be severe to the extent that the eyes could even close for a very short period of time.

This is a great concern for the patients and a great concern for HDC Hair Clinic. For this reason we created a new “Reduced Swelling Protocol” which is optional for patients to sign and follow. This mainly involves the use of some special homeopathic natural pills for reducing swelling and the strict application of the post operation instructions with regard to avoiding excessive swelling. This protocol has been applied with considerable positive results.

We present below the case of a patient before, immediately after and up to 5 days post op, who had covered with FUE Hair Transplant, his hairline and temporal peaks, with minor swelling. This patient had an outstanding response to reduced swelling with the use of “HDC Reduced Swelling Protocol”.

Before right s

Before the procedure - right side

swelling 4 days s

Immediately Post op - right side

4 days swellin s

5 days post op

Additionally, achieving fast donor healing is equally important. In HDC Hair Transplant Clinic patient care is at the utmost of our concerns and this is the reason why we recommend and offer free post operation care to our patients for the recipient and donor area.

The usual duration of post op care is 3-5 days and more if the patient desires. This care encourages our overseas patients to choose to take advantage of our free accommodation in our clinic’s apartments for 5-7 nights.

We present below, the same patient as above showing the healing of his donor and recipient area up to 4 days post op. 

 Donor Before s

Donor Area Before the procedure

Donor Post op s

Donor Area Immediately Post Op

Donor 4 days after s

Donor area 5 days post op

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