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Can I have a guarantee for my Hair Transplant?

This question is asked frequently from hair transplant patients.  There are a few ways to answer this question but there are even fewer correct answers that would indeed safeguard the interests of the patient.

It needs to be understood that hair ransplantation is a cosmetic surgery and no guarantees can be given to the patient that the result will be to his liking. Many times the expectations could be unrealistic and different from what the clinic has agreed with the patient. So, an objective way should be employed for measuring the hair transplant result.

It is a prerequisite that the clinic has a good track of history of sustainable good hair transplant results with adequate coverage and a natural look. This way the patient has a huge possibility that his own result will be as above. The only way to add objectivity in measuring the hair transplant result is by the clinic to give a guarantee about the growth of the transplanted hair follicles.

Human hair cycle, states that about 10% of our hair lies in the telogen phase which means that these hair has fallen and are in the process of regrowth (see hair cycle for details). So conclusively, 10% of the transplanted hair are going through this process and are not there, to be measured. So, if you allow another 10% loss of hair, during the transplantation process then any growth below 80% should be guaranteed.



 Post op after placing 3150 FUE grafts

 7 months after

In the light of the above, any hair transplantation with growth over 80% should be considered as state of the art.

HDC Hair Clinic guarantees to replace any follicular units that are less than 80% growth. So for example, if a patient gets 2000 grafts and has growth of 1200 we will replace for free up to 80% of 2000 grafts which means that we will replace 400 grafts for free.

The measurement of the grown grafts is done under micro camera for giving an objective count.
This guarantee starts to be valid 12 months after the hair transplant date and lasts for 2 years. This means that the evaluation and the placement of the free grafts should be executed within a 12 – 36 months period from surgery date

This way HDC Hair Clinic patients’ will end up with at least 80% growth with hair placed to give a natural hairline, correct distribution of grafts, correct angle placement and a natural hair transplant result.

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