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Can I have a guarantee for my Hair Transplant?

It needs to be understood that Hair Transplantation is a cosmetic surgery, and no guarantees can be given that the result will be to the patient’s liking. Many times, the expectations could be unrealistic and different from what the Clinic or the industry in general can achieve. For more details and explanations please visit our section on Basics About Hair Transplant

In general, the best guarantee that any Clinic can give, is its good track record of sustainable good hair transplant results with adequate coverage and a natural look. This way the patient has the highest possibility that his own Hair transplant result will be also successful.

How can my Guarantee be Exercised?

There are two ways to evaluate a result:

First way is by just looking at it. If there are areas with lower density or gaps in the transplanted area, obviously these need to be re transplanted by the clinic. We do not refer in areas where density was deliberately dropped to achieve higher coverage.

The Second way is to measure the transplanted grafts and see how many are missing.

Human hair cycle, states that about 10% of our hair follicles lie in the telogen phase, which means that this hair has fallen and are in the process of regrowth and not above the scalp surface. (see hair cycle for details). So conclusively, 10% of the transplanted hair are going through this process and are not there, to be measured. If you allow about another 5% loss of hair, during the FUE Hair Transplantation Process then any growth below 85% should be guaranteed.


Consequently, any hair transplantation with growth over 85% should be considered as successful.

HDC Hair Clinic hereby guarantees to replace any follicular units that are less than 85% growth. So, for example, if a patient gets 3000 grafts and has measured growth of less than 2550, we will replace for free the missing grafts. The measurement of the grown grafts is done under micro camera for giving an objective count. But probably the first mentioned way is a more practical one and is used in most of the cases.

This guarantee is valid 12 months after the hair transplant date and lasts for only 1 year. This means that the evaluation and the placement of the free grafts should be executed within a 12 – 24 months period, from surgery date. Any loss of transplanted hair 2 years after the surgery date is not guaranteed.

Transplanted hair could lose volume and density a few years later. If this will happen it is not due to any wrongdoing by the clinic and depends on many factors such as psychological, hereditary, dietary or as a side effect of an illness or medication and it is more frequent to patients who progress fast to higher Norwood Scales.  

It should be noted that patients who will exercise their guarantee are welcomed to the clinic at 8.00 am in the morning of the agreed date of the free surgery. If they are coming from abroad, we can provide them with 4-5 days of free accommodation if requested.

For more information and a free online consultation, you can contact us through our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can fill up our online form.


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