Hair transplant cost –is star treatment available to everyone?

In the last few years, numerous favourite male celebrities have been providing exciting material for the press either for tabloids, gossip rags or even the Financial Times.  It appears that celebrity hair transplants generate more interest and web hits than any sordid extra marital affair, cocaine addiction or wearing women’s lingerie has done in the past.

When we think of hair transplants now days we automatically think of Wayne Rooney. The Manchester United star made his name synonymous with hair transplantation and the benefits of as he was probably the first to come out and say ‘I done it”. Many have followed since either had a procedure or have now come out and admit to having one.

Calum Best is the one of the most recent celebrities to undergo a hair transplant procedure with an expensive price tag. It is rumored that the hair transplant cost him around €10,000 for 2000 hairs, that is €5 a pop! Calum like Wayne Rooney and plenty of other celebrities have had their hair transplant by the FUE technique. The FUE method, which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, is a non evasive method where individual hair grafts are transferred from the donor area at the back of the head to the thinning or balding scalp.  This is a highly skilled and labour intensive method with the added bonus of being virtually scar free. 

Rooney’s hair transplant cost over €30,000 while famous chef Gordon Ramsey shed over €35,000. Now around the world thousands of men opt for hair transplants and don’t need to spend their yearly income on a single procedure. All the media attention has been both positive and negative. Positive as it has brought out a taboo subject out in the open and negative as it has fuelled several misconceptions about the procedure.

Wayne Rooney

One misconception is definitely the price as hair transplants can be affordable. So researching this subject in depth outside printed and online media on celebrities, is the most important step towards finding a suitable provider.

At HDC we believe that we can offer star treatments with a much lesser price tag. HDC has been performing FUE procedures for almost 10 years now and has posted many success cases on its website and international hair loss forums. We have helped hundreds of men around the word to find their self-confidence and we will be helping thousands more in the future.

We strive to offer quality and affordability, especially in times of hardship. For more information on your available hair restoration options at HDC and a personal consultation you can fill in our online enquiry form.




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