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How to choose The Best Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair transplant procedures have been around for decades, but in the early days, they were not very natural looking. In fact, many felt that going bald or shaving their head was a better option than the hair replacement options that were once available.  Fortunately, things are different now, and there are better options readily available for those with thinning hair. Patients will generally undergo one of two different types of hair transplant procedures available today.

Follicular Unit Hair Transplant

Although today’s FUT is a development of the older hair transplant techniques, it is still a popular option for hair transplant patients, as it is actually very effective. Previous methods did not have the natural looking results that FUT can offer. Patients undergoing these procedures want to have hair that looks natural, and they want to avoid the dreaded “plugs” of the past. With FUT, you can achieve great looking results that can provide natural coverage for your head.

Follicular Unit Extraction

The most popular option today is the Follicular Unit Extraction technique or simply FUE. This method does not leave any scarring, and it is the ideal solution for patients of any age and who want to keep their hair short.

The FUE method for hair replacement even works well with hair that is gray or light in color. The current success rate of this method is higher than 95% in expert hands, which should be pleasing to anyone who is looking for a true cure for their thinning hair.

While there are other methods of hair restoration available, these options are the most popular with patients, and the ones that yield the best results while being safe.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

The thick mane of hair you had when you were in your twenties is gone, and there are no hair replacement procedures in the world that can bring back that hair from the past. After your hair starts to thin, it will remain thin. The procedures simply move some of the hair follicles in the areas that do not suffer from hair loss to the parts of your scalp that are bald. The hair that grows maybe less in number than your youthful hair, but you wil have enough hair to provide coverage of the bald scalp, and have the appearance of thicker hair. As long as you temper your expectations, you should be very happy with the results.



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Finding the Right Specialists

One of the reasons that many hair transplants do not work out well is not because of the procedure itself. Rather, it is the fact that the surgeons who perform the hair transplant may not have enough experience, or they might not be using the best procedures for each of their patients. What you pay is what you get! The quality of the hair transplant depends upon the quality of the specialist you choose. Therefore, anyone who is considering undergoing this sort of surgery for hair replacement needs to make thorough research and choose the best possible provider, who has sustainable state of the art results over time.

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