Manual or Motorized FUE Punch for Hair Transplantation

HDC Hair Transplant Clinic was the first Clinic in Europe that offered FUE Hair Transplant surgery from 2003 onwards. We’ve been following up all the history of FUE Methods and Techniques for all these years.

We are a pioneer of manual FUE as we’ve been using this since 2003. However, New micro motors and punch designs have been out in the market recently, that combined with manual punching, can give better results in turns of lower transection rates, donor trauma and higher speed of extraction.

Every Clinic or doctor should have in their hands all the available means of extracting grafts. Studies, as presented in the 1st FUE Europe Conference in Manchester, have shown that specific extraction techniques are better than others on specific patients. HDC Hair Clinic doctors, now have in their disposal multiple top micro motors and multiple punch types in addition to our manual technique. For example, we can use straight punch or serrated punch or trumpet punch or T punch with motorized or manual technique thus giving us multiple permutations to use for the benefit of each individual patient. So, we can use our best grafts extraction technique which can be different for a patient with thin or coarse hair, with straight or curly hair, with hair with splay or not and for any other hair characteristics.

motorized punch photo

These latest technology advancements have enable us to minimize our transection rate especially in difficult donor patients, increase our speed of extraction, minimize post operation pain and also increase the number of grafts per session extracted from a given donor from an average of 3000 grafts to an average of over 3500 grafts without causing donor depletion.

punching photo

HDC, is always following the latest techniques available in the hair transplant industry. You can assure that with us you will get the best that the industry can offer. Minimum FUE scarring, maximum capability of your donor, excellent patient care and the best natural results.

Don’t risk your appearance and personality to the lowest bidder. Make your research and make the right choice!

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