Post Partum Alopecia

What is Post Partum Alopecia

Post partum alopecia is the medical term that is used for hair loss suffered by many women after giving birth. It can be extremely distressing and frightening, leading many women to believe that they are actually going bald as they see hairs clog up the sink and brushes on a daily basis. The good news is that this type of hair loss is temporary and as the hairs fall, new hairs will start to grow in their place.

Causes of Post Partum Alopecia

Hair grows in cycles and it is normal to loose around 80-120 hairs per day. During pregnancy however, an increase in the female hormone oestrogen extends the growth phase of the hair follicle so that the hair stays longer in the scalp. A higher percentage of hairs in the growing stage leads to fuller, healthier looking locks. Oestrogen also lessens the sebum so the hair becomes less greasy than it was which also contributes to added volume.

After giving birth the hormones gradually return to normal and the hairs that would have reached the end of their growth cycle phase during pregnancy suddenly fall out altogether. This normally occurs around three to four months after giving birth and may continue for around two to three months.

Treatment of Post Partum Alopecia

No hair loss treatment is necessary as this is a temporary type of hair loss that will sort itself out.

It is important however to eat healthily during this period especially if you are breast feeding. Taking necessary supplements given by your doctor is essential and a diet rich in proteins is a must. The hair should be washed daily to keep the scalp in peak condition and chemical processes should be kept to a minimum.

Philip Kingsley products are particularly advisable at this time to keep the hair in tip top condition. Elasticizer, an award winning product will deliver a rush of moisture inside the hair cuticle adding suppleness, elasticity and at the same time plenty of volume.

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