Teamwork for FUE Surgery, from HDC gives better results!

It has always been a hot topic of how and who is performing the FUE procedure. At HDC, we believe that teamwork can produce better results than any individual alone, doing the job.

FUE is a quite complex surgery and it needs a lot of time, care and precision to end up with the perfect outcome. We want to employ the so called “specialization of labour”, which means we divide this surgery into various stages and try to use the best member of the team for what they can do better, in each stage.

The doctors are doing the most productive, creative and essential part of the procedure that involves decision making and the technicians are doing a lot of the tedious work so that the doctors can concentrate better on their part of the job.

Let’s be more specific:

• The entry of the patient in the room and getting him ready, is the job of the paramedic staff.

• The welcoming of the patient and discussing how the procedure will proceed including the hairline design and the distribution of the follicular units is performed by the doctor responsible for the case.

• The anesthesia and the punching of the grafts, is done by HDC doctors team, named Dr Maras or Dr Vryonidou. This job is a team job and is not performed necessarily by only one doctor.

• The transfer of the grafts from the head to the petri dish which includes also extraction is done by our well trained technicians.

• The creation of the sides which is probably the most important part of the procedure, as this stage gives the naturalness, the density, the direction and the graft distribution is done by one of the two doctors mentioned above, who is responsible for the case.

• The placing which is the most tedious and the most time consuming part of the procedure is done by our excellent placers using forceps (not implanters), thus making sure that the grafts are not traumatized and placed correctly and in timely fashion. Two placers per patient are used and each placer can place on average 500 grafts per hour giving the capability of place 1000 grafts per hour. By this way we can achieve the minimum duration of the procedure and maximum comfort of the patient.

Placing of the grafts

• Finally, the post-operative instructions are given by one of our doctors, together with a post operation kit that includes all the necessary items for the next ten days.

• The first wash and the post-operative care for the next 3 - 4 days which is usually the duration of patient stay if coming from abroad, is performed by our well trained Hair Transplant Technicians.

This is a once in a lifetime decision and HDC wants to ensure you make the right one. We pride ourselves in our customer care and confidentiality and you can rest assured that from your initial contact to the aftercare you will be dealt professionally and with the utmost care.  



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